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Hana Waxman Design is an international full-service interior design firm based in Punta de Mita, Mexico, specializing in high-end primary residences and custom vacation homes.

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de MACO 

Shop de MACO is an extension of HWD

and Hana Waxman's natural ability to source unique

one-of-a-kind pieces that create a beautiful, warm, and captivating atmosphere. 


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"My style is influenced by nature, cities, and small coastal villages - my favorite places to be. Your home should be a collection of what you love and a sanctuary for you and your loved ones."

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About HWD

Hana Waxman Design is a full-service residential interior design firm that assists clients through a wide range of challenges and provides creative solutions to achieve the clients design vision. Based in Punta de Mita, Mexico, HWD specializes in new construction or renovations to existing homes or projects. HWD focuses on creating warm, refined, natural, and inviting spaces filled with beauty and function.

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