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Hana Waxman Design is a full-service residential interior design firm that assists clients through a wide range of challenges and provides creative solutions to achieve the client design vision. HWD specializes in new construction and renovations for existing homes or projects. In collaboration with architects and builders, HWD assists in the selection of architectural details and finishes, providing clients with a full spectrum approach to achieving their design goals. 

HWD is well versed in Pacific Coast architectural styles as well as Mexican culture and has solid working relations with local and regional architects, builders, artisans, craftsmen, and furniture manufacturers. HWD is adept in creating projects that integrate international and North American design sensibilities with a unique combination of Mexican resources. 

HWD believes spaces should feel warm, refined, and livable while at the same time harmonious and beautifully curated. 

Recent Projects

DG Keke Tie Dye_Capture_031.jpeg


Hana Waxman

Hana Waxman, founder and principal of HWD, is a native Californian from the San Francisco Bay area. After completing an interior design degree in Southern California, Hana left the conventional life and established her own extraordinary world in Mexico. Internationally recognized, Hana has completed residential design projects throughout North America and Mexico. Hana regularly travels and is exposed to the cultures and natural beauty of different countries, which provide a deep source of inspiration for her design work. 

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